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Flare Modern Double Corner – Bay

The new double corner fireplace, with it’s minimalist modern design, is installed next to a wall, as opposed to the more traditional in-wall installation. This is due to the three-sided frame-less design . This allows for a fast & easy installation, needing to only build above the fireplace.

With projects ranging from smaller bathrooms & kitchens, to larger living spaces, or hotel lobbies and restaurants, it is even more important to offer an extensive range of lengths, and glass heights. Flare’s corner units come in 16″ & 24″ high viewing windows, and lengths of 30″ – 160″, making it the most versatile direct vent fireplace on the market.

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Product Description

Frameless Flare Double Corner Modern Fireplace Is Available In 8 Different Length 16″ Or 24″ Opening .
The modern fireplace has been reinvented with amazing new corner fireplace units. With multiple viewing angles, you can enjoy your left, right or double corner fireplace in any room, from almost any perspective. Thanks to an amazing glass-to-glass technology, you aren’t hindered by unsightly metal bars or large frames. This gives you a crystal-clear line of sight to the flame— no matter where you are in the room.


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